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Leprechaun Watch Cam

Tipperary Ireland Leprechaun Cam
Everyone knows that Leprechauns are rarely photographed. Check out this webcam hidden in a field in Tipperary and contact the website with any sitings.

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BBC UFO Content

Click through for a list of UFO related shows, news reports and documentaries related to UFOs. While there are many listings for comedy series and television shows, there are also listings for more serious information related to UFOs. While technically not a link to a specific cam, the amount of UFO related content makes the inclusion of this link a reasonable exception to the rule (from our perspective). While you won't see a specific UFO cam, you may find some fun and interesting UFO content and shows listed.

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Elvis Cam

Graceland Cam
If Elvis were still alive, don't you think he'd head back home for a sandwich every now and then? Check out the Graceland Cam here. We wouldn't recommend spending too much time watching for the ghost of Elvis, but the pull of a peanut butter and banana snack may be compelling enough to raise the dead, so if you do catch a glimpse of the king, count yourself one of uniquely lucky viewers of this cam.

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Loch Ness Boat Cam

Loch Ness Nessie Cam
Unique cam views of Loch Ness. Two different views, and also (a somewhat questionable) audio clip of Nessie, the Loch Ness monster.

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Dealey Plaza Cam
See a live view of the area where JFK was killed, from the sniper's location in the School Book Depository.

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S.E.T.I Research
Community Development Institute Webcams

A number of webcams set up to watch the amateur SETI operations in Australia.

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Hessdalen Cam

Project Hessdalen Web Cam, Norway Sweden
Hourly web cam image updates from multiple cameras scanning for UFO's and strange lighting phenomena.

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Corn Cam

The Big Show Corn Cam at DMACC
This live cam makes for one of the only chances to watch for Crop Circles before they are created.

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Roswell WebCam

Roswell, New Mexico Cam
View of Roswell from space. Do you think this is the view the aliens had right before they crashed?

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BFRO - Bigfoot Video
Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization
Although there is not a live Bigfoot cam at this site, you can find film and video footage (in AVI clip and Quicktime movie format), as well as still photo images of the mysterious Bigfoot. Separately, click here for Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization Bigfoot Chat.

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"Science, or just Monkey Business?"
This site is a tongue-in-cheek satire of the SETI@Home project, with a focus on helping to find and document YETI (aka Bigfoot and/or The Abominable Snowman) sitings.

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Hell Cam

Get real. No webcam can withstand the eternal heat of damnation! But this is a link to Hell's webcams, although probably not what you were looking for. Don't worry though, you'll know what it looks like soon enough. Bwahahaha...BWAHAHAHA!!! <=Evil Laugh

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Grotto Cam at Lourdes
Live Lourdes France Webcam
Location where the Virgin Mary is said to have appeared. For some Catholics, this location is a place where the invisible hand of God is said to heal the sick.

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Catacombs Cam

French Infrared Catacomb Webcam
What lurks in the darkness of these French catacombs? Hit refresh for a new screen, but don't expect much of a change.

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Haggis Cam

The Great Scottish Haggis Hunt Webcam
Once a year, large numbers of mysterious and elusive Haggii migrate throughout Scotland. This site allows you to watch for and report Haggis sitings. Just roll over each link to see the different site images. After all, what better place to catch Haggii than HaggisTrap?

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The Jackalope Conspiracy

It isn't really possible to have a 'jackalope cam' because these creatures are mysteriously difficult to capture in a photo, let alone on a webcam. If someone were to find a location where jackalopes frequented, then perhaps cams could be set up, but to date, the appearance of jackalopes is infrequent with no pattern or specific location identified. This site includes a lot of information related to jackalopes, including photos and interviews.

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Mystery Hole Cam

The First Underground Camera on Line!
"Scientists are looking into the possiblities of a wormhole or black hole phenomenon. Explore the secrets of the Superunknown as you explore inside the Mystery Hole. Never seen before pictures. Authorities are comtemplating it's existence. Is it a myth? Or is it real? "

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Mothman Museum

There are a number of questions regarding the myth of the Mothman. This site focuses on these issues. Enjoy a live Mothman Cam available to (hopefully) allow you to view this mysterious creature!

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Bran Castle

Home of Vlad the Impaler aka Dracula
Dracula (Vlad Tepes) is somewhere between myth and reality. Visit his castle for a real tour, or in the meantime, enjoy this video tour and a live view of the Bran-Castle (Dracula) webcam.

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Witch Chat

Salem, Massachusetts Message Board
Do you have a burning desire to chat about witches? Try the SalemWeb message board, with a forum on 'The Salem Witch Trials and Salem Witches Today', where you can chat "about the 1692 Salem Witch Trials and Salem Witches today."

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