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Rhino Cam

Rhino Enclosure In Houston Zoo
One of the few cams online that gives a live view of Rhinos, if they are inside their enclosure. But who can blaim them if they want to wander outside on a pretty day. If they aren't there when you check, try back later. Sooner or later you are bound to get a good view.

Donkey Cam

Earthcam Donkey Cam
If you don't live near a donkey, and you are longing for a view of this mysterious creature, check out this Donkey Cam.

Whale Cams

Page full of different types of whale cams in many different areas. If you like whale watching, there are a few to choose from.

Live Puppy Cam

If you like cute little puppies, check out Live Puppy Cam.

Dolphin Cam

Clearwater Marine Aquarium
Enjoy watching these playful dolphins live from Florida's Marineland.

Loon Cam

Live Loon cams from the Loon Preservation Society.

Polar Bear Cam

San Diego Zoo Polar Bears
"The Polar Cam broadcasts live daily from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Watch our polar bear cubs, Kalluk and Tatqiq, and our female adults, Chinook and Shikari, take their turns in their enclosure. Watch their playful antics as they splash in the pool and romp around their arctic habitat."

Giraffe Cam

Giraffes, Rhinos & More
Enjoy a great view of the live San Diego Safari Park cam with views of Giraffes, Rhino and more depending on the time of year and the time of day.

Sea Lion Cam

Georgia Aquarium Sea Lion Cam
Live views of fun active California sea lions at the Georgia Aquarium.

Horse Cams

Multiple Farmyard Cams
Farmyard cams with virtually every type of farm animal cam including horses, donkeys, pigs, turkeys, goats and more.

Tiger Cams

Edinburgh Zoo Tiger Enclosure
Despite the Panda image on the site, enjoy a view of a large live Tiger enclosure.

Gator Cam

Wakulla Springs
Enjoy the Wakulla live streaming webcam focused on alligators and other wildlife.

Key West Aquarium

Scheduled Saltwater Fish Feeding
Scheduled feeding of barracudas, tarpon, snappers, groupers and other fish found in the Florida Keys. Fed directly in front of the web cam.

Alpaca Cam

Stargazer Ranch Alpacas
See live images of Alpacas direct from Stargazer Ranch in Colorado.

Shark Aquarium Webcams

List of shark webcams with different types of sharks in different aquariums. If you like sharks, this is a good site to view.

Sea Monkeys Ocean of Light
Sea Monkeys Ocean of Light

Penguin Cam

San Diego Zoo Penguin Webcam
Great live penguin cam with a good chance of seeing them inside and outside the water within their little penguin home.

Bat Cam

Bat World
Looking for bats? Check out the multiple live bat cams displaying fruit bats at any time.

Ape Cam

San Diego Zoo Ape Cam
It is amazing to see how similar apes are to humans. Click through to watch how they entertain themselves within the San Diego Zoo.

Elephant Cam

National Zoo Elephant Enclosure
Enjoy the Smithsonian's National Zoo Asian Elephants in their custom enclosure designed to give them room in various locations including large outside yards.

Osprey Cam

Maryland Blackwater Refuge Osprey Cam
The Osprey cam faces a large nest with a clear view of the mother Osprey.

WormVue Wonders
WormVue Wonders
Ewwww! Gross!

Bear Cam

Zoo Montana
Great live streaming video of some pretty big grizzly bears and the rocky watery ledge where they like to relax.

Manatee Cam

Citrus County Manatee Cam
Enjoy this underwater view of manatees.

Wolf Cam

International Wolf Center
Enjoy a number of webcam views including a Wolf Den Cam, a Rock Den Cam and more.

Critter Cam

Guinea Pigs And Bunnies
Cute little fur balls can be seen on the Critter Cam when you are lucky, specifically Guinea Pigs and Bunnies.

Condor Cam

San Diego Zoo Condor Cam
Condors are not pretty (unless you are another Condor, or unless you are a birdwatcher with a thing for Condors). If you want to see just how 'not pretty' they are, click through to the San Diego Zoo 'Condorminium' recovery and breeding area.

Sea Turtle Cam

Loggerhead Marine Life Center
These live cams show sea turtles who are being nursed back to health after some injury or illness. Once they are better, they are removed from these small enclosures so no one should think that these turtles live out their lives in these small recovery pools. This does give you a good view of the size of some older sea turtles though, depending on when you view and whether or not there are any/many turtles currently being helped.

Penguin Cam
New York Central Park Zoo Penguin Cam
Incredible view of a large number of penguins, live from Central Park Zoo, with feedings twice daily.

Puffer Cam
125 Gallon Aquarium - Puffer Fish Cam
See a variety of fish, including: Dog-Faced Puffers, Clown Triggers, Percula Clownfish, Three-Striped Damsel and more.

Naked Mole-Rat Cam
Smithsonian Naked Mole-Rat Colony Cam
So ugly, only a naked mole-rat mother could love them!

Seal Cam
Waikiki Aquarium, Hawaiian Monk Seal Webcam
"This endangered marine mammal is found only in Hawaii."

Privately owned animal sanctuary & habitat
Large site with a variety of animals, including: Ring Tail Lemurs, Siberian Tigers, Siberian White Tigers, Siberian Golden Tigers & Lions.

Reef Cam
Oregon Coast Aquarium Live Webcam
See a large variety of near shore species, including Salmon, Rockfish, Flounder, Wolf-Eel, and Perch.

Bird Box Cam
Helsinki Finland Bird Cam
Up close and personal, this webcam is located within a bird box, so when they are nesting, you can't miss a thing.

Monterey Bay Cam
Monterey Bay Live Cam
Live view of the bay, often with seals and a variety of birds resting on the rocks.

Hamster Cam
Live Hamster Web Cam
Close up view of the inside of a hamster cage, with multiple cam options available.

Amazon River Fish Cam
Amazon River Fish Cam
Live clear water view of a variety of Amazon River fish.

Jellyfish Cam
Oregon Coast Aquarium JellyCam
Live images of a jellyfish exhibit.

Red Squirrel Cam
The Great Alaskan Red Squirrel Cam
Live view from the suburbs of North Pole, Alaska.

Japanese Monkey Cam
Awaji Island Monkey Center Webcam
Enjoy great views of (sometimes) hundreds of Japanese macaques monkeys playing and having fun, when they haven't moved to the mountains for fruit. They return though, so keep an eye out for them.

Bass Cam
"The BassCam"
Live view of a 30 gallon aquarium with a largemouth bass.

Llama Cam
Yellow Wood Llama Farm Webcams
Watch Llamas up close through one of two web cameras.

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